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Stawri Nicola Khayat The Son Of Jerusalem

Jerusalem I Love You is devoted to the memory of all the sons of Jerusalem specifically: Stawri Nicola Khayat (1961-1999). You can take a tour of the holy sites in the Holy Land and around Jerusalem. Visit historical sites or read selected poetry and news about Jerusalem.

Jerusalem I Love You Dedication

Its been said, The Greatest Enemy of Knowledge is Not Ignorance; it is the ILLUSION of Knowledge. This site is dedicated to those who no longer wish to have illusions about the Palestinians. This site is also dedicated to the children of Palestinian descent. Be proud of your heritage and know you have the right to dream just like anyone else! I hope you will be inspired to reach for the skies.


"Yet, for all the writing about them, Palestinians remain virtually unknown."

Edward Said, author

Jerusalem My Home

by Kristo Nicola Hayat

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
If I forget you Jerusalem may I forget my right hand
which is you
Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
if I forget you Jerusalem may I forget my first joy
which is you
By the waters of the Mississippi
I sat and wept
I sat and wept when I remembered your walls
By the willows that grew there
I hang my flute
I hang my flute never to sing again
And here my friends would ask of me to sing a song
To sing a song
I sang back home
But far from home
far from home how can I sing at all
Minneapolis is a great place
to roam
but Jerusalem will always be my home